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Is Your Body Letting You Down?

Are everyday activities a struggle?

Have you tried to fix the problem and failed?

Has the problem been getting worse?

Are you frustrated with the pain?

Worried this will become a permanent problem?

Do you feel like you should have more energy?

Are concentration and learning difficult for you?

Is your sleep being affected?

Affecting performance at work? At home? In sports?

Are you looking for a natural solution?

“Your body is naturally designed to be healthy. What sabotages that is stress. The three kinds of stress are structural, chemical, and emotional.”

Dr. Andrew Powell

Balance Your Body

Your body can only feel and perform at its’ best when you are properly aligned. Just like a car with bad wheel alignment, imbalance in your body leads to pain, wear and tear and injury.

Balance Your Biochemistry

Everyday we’re bombarded with toxins, pesticides, chemicals and industrial pollutants. Your body needs to manage this to maintain proper nutrition, digestion, hormones, immunity and energy levels.

Balance Your Stress Levels

Life is faster than ever. Juggling work, study, family, sports and other activities is a constant challenge. The end result is that stress impacts every aspect of how we feel, think, sleep and perform.

We Can Help All Kinds Of Conditions

Neck Pain

Low Back Pain



Shoulder Pain

Joint Problems

Knee Pain

Muscle Pain





And Much More…

When you feel great, you show up fully, & live the life you were meant to live.
We are here to help you do that.

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What Makes Hills Spinal Health So Different?

We understand that you’re looking for more than just a quick fix; that you want a real, lasting solution to your pain and symptoms. Not just a short term band-aid, but long term improvements in your health, energy levels and performance. We take the time to get to know you and what’s causing your unique problem. You will never be rushed in and out or treated as just a number. Our years of study and advanced training have equipped us to look below the surface to get to the real issues in your body, not just the obvious symptoms. What this means for you is that you get treatments that really work; naturally, safely and quickly. State of the art testing methods mean that we never guess when it comes to your health. We measure, analyse and treat accordingly so you can trust that you’re receiving the best treatment for your specific needs. Our commitment to family healthcare means that your whole family can feel cared for and perform at their very best in all areas of life. Book an appointment for chiropractic or applied kinesiology today.

We are the doctors that other doctors send their toughest cases to because of our advanced training, expertise, and techniques.

How Our Gentle, Natural Approach Gets You Feeling Great Fast

Assess the structural, biochemical, and emotional stresses in your life

1. Meet with Your Doctor & Feel Truly Heard

So often patients tell us how glad they are that someone finally really listened to them and fully understood their problem.

2. Understand The Root Cause Of Your Problem

Your symptoms are usually just the tip of the iceberg, often there are deeper causes that MUST be addressed to achieve lasting results.

3. Start Feeling Great & Perform At Your Best

Getting out of pain is a great start, but true wellness also means having plenty of energy, feeling great, thinking clearly and being able to do all you want in life.

The three reasons why your pain isn’t getting better…or keeps coming back!

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How Does Hills Spinal Health Help You Heal & Thrive?

Better Nutrition

Better Posture

Better Movement

Think Clearer

Better Neurology

Digest Better

Sleep Better

More Energy

Feel Balanced

What Is Living With Pain and Disease Costing You?

The most dangerous words in the English language when it comes to your health are…
“Maybe it’ll go away on it’s own…”

Our bodies possess amazing healing resources. But with the constant bombardment of daily stresses- physical, chemical and emotional…
The scary reality is that most people’s health is headed in the wrong direction.

If we’re lucky, pain or symptoms wake us up to this situation and encourage us to do something about it. For those who aren’t so lucky, serious disease may be the first symptom.

In 2017-18 just under half (47.3%) of Australians had one or more chronic health conditions, an increase from 2007-08 when two-fifths (42.2%) of people had one or more chronic conditions.

Females aged 15 years and over were more likely than males to have one or more chronic conditions (56.5% compared to 50.8%), however, for children (0-14 years old) boys were more likely than girls to have one or more chronic conditions (24.2% compared to 15.9%). The prevalence of chronic conditions increased with age, with four in five (80.0%) people aged 65 years and over having one or more chronic conditions.

These frightening statistics paint a picture of a healthcare system that is failing us badly. No one lives their best life when they’re burned out, stressed and in pain.

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However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are effective, natural strategies that can enhance almost every aspect of how you feel, perform and live.

A 7 year study of people under regular Chiropractic care found the following:

60.2% decrease in hospital admissions
59% less hospital days
62% less outpatient surgeries & procedures
85% decrease in pharmaceutical costs

You do have a choice when it comes to your health and the health of your family. Taking a natural, holistic approach that addresses the real underlying causes of your health challenges can help you feel better, perform at your best and stay that way for the long term.

If you’ve made it this far then you’re obviously looking for real answers to your health! Talk to us today. We can help.


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