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Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic technique which uses gentle testing of the muscles to determine whether something is creating stress in the body or mind. Things which create stress will cause a strong muscle to test as weak, allowing a skilled kinesiologist practitioner to determine the real underlying causes of health problems.


This stress may be either physical, like a misaligned bone or strained muscle, biochemical, such as a toxin or poison, or emotional, such as a stressful thought or emotion.


By finding out what causes the weak muscle to return to strength a practitioner can determine what the body needs to remove the stress and return it to balance. This often uncovers hidden causes and connections in the body that otherwise would remain untreated, causing the problem to recur.


The treatments used are drawn from a wide range of healing disciplines, such as chiropractic, soft tissue therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, homeopathy and nutrition, making this a very holistic natural therapy.


Becoming a certified Applied Kinesiology practitioner requires a Masters’ degree, followed by a post-graduate course of study and examinations.


What Is Applied Kinesiology And How Can It Uncover The Hidden Causes Of My Health Problems? Andrew Powell, Chiropractor in Castle Hill

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