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Learning Challenges

Are You Afraid Your Child May Be Falling Behind?

There can be many reasons for these challenges (including physical, chemical, and emotional issues), all of which may need to be addresses to help your child express their full potential.

One major area that is often overlooked is the persistence of Retained Neonatal Reflexes (RNRs).

These are normal developmental reflexes that all children are born with, but they should disappear during the first year of life as the brain matures and develops.

However, sometimes this doesn’t occur, and the reflexes are inappropriately retained. Research has shown this to be a major factor in many learning and behavioural conditions, even things such as ADD, ADHD and autism-spectrum disorders*.

All Hills Spinal Health chiropractors are trained in specific techniques to detect and address the retention of these reflexes. This can have a huge impact on your child’s learning capacity, physical coordination, behaviour and social skills.

If you suspect this may be an issue for your child (or yourself) call us to get them checked today. You can also enter your details above to grab your copy of our 5 Minute Guide To Optimizing Your Brain For Learning & Concentration.


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